5 ideas for responding to what kids want the nation to know about education


I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at EdCampNYC this year organized by some impressive and innovative educators such as my friends Deven Black, Karen Blumberg, and Ann Oro.  I did a session based on a popular article I wrote recently called 20 Things

Students Want the Nation to Know About Education and also incorporated elements of my talk about connecting school life to real life.  In the article students tell us that they need to be seen as people, not just students. They want to feel loved. They want to feel like they belong and are a part of something. In short, they want teachers to know that mattering to them will go a long way toward fostering learning.  Interestingly, several commenters to my post on my blog and in the Huffington Post railed against this idea with push back being, that a teachers job is to teach and this other stuff was someone else’s job (i.e. parents, ministry, guidance counselor, etc.)  The teachers who came to this session were not those teachers.