What are most healthy Chinese food?

Published on 4 June 2021 03:09 PM
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According to the latest research, Chinese cuisine has been found to be healthier than Western diets. In fact, many popular dishes that have become staples amongst Westerners are actually not as healthy as they appear. This is largely because of the Chinese penchant for using lots of oil and sugar.

Chinese food has been touted for its fiber content. According to one nutritionist, Chinese people consume about 32g of fiber a day, whereas Americans only consume about 15g. Despite this, Westerners commonly believe that Chinese restaurants use unhealthy amounts of oil and sugar in their dishes.

The truth is that Chinese food may be healthier than Western-based food. This is because the Chinese are more likely to add vegetables and lean meat to their dishes instead of using additional fatty ingredients like cheese and cream sauces. What's more, Chinese vegetables are less likely to be genetically modified than Western vegetables. The Chinese also tend not to add as much salt as Westerners do.

One of the reasons that many people believe eating at a Chinese restaurant is not all that healthy is because of the amount of oil they use. Many popular dishes like fried rice are cooked in large amounts of oil to allow them to cook quickly and evenly. However, switching from vegetable oil to corn oil or canola can help offset the unhealthy effects of fried food.